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We take your sexual health very seriously. We have carefully selected products from trusted suppliers to keep you and your lover safe.


Fun Cups

Click here to see why you should use Fun Cups for your periods. They are healthy, comfy, convenient and eco-friendly. 


Pelvic Floor Exercises

Women's health is so important.

To strengthen the pelvic floor we now supply products from Pipa West, Je Joue, Jopen & Satisfyer.

Many factors can weaken your pelvic floor muscles, including pregnancy, childbirth, surgery and ageing.  The health benefits of pelvic floor exercises strengthen the muscles around the bladder, vagina and back passage.

For ladies, if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, you can start doing pelvic floor exercises straight away. The exercises should lower your risk of experiencing bladder leaks after having your baby.

Strong pelvic floor muscles can also mean increased sensitivity during sex. Win Win!

Safety Information:  Please consult your Doctor before attempting any exercise regime, especially if you are pregnant or have recently given birth.



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